Engine Panels

MavTex offers custom built engine panels for every application. With our in-house industrial panel design and fabrication department, we can offer you quick turnaround for custom panel solutions. Some of our products include basic panel kits, shutdown panel kits, and state-of-the-art control panels (pictured) designed for modern electronic engines and equipment applications.

Custom Control Panels

If your requirements are for a one-time, one-off custom panel, MavTex is excited and eager to tackle challenges the next job is surely to bring. Our experience is wide ranging, from Motor Starter panels, to PLC panels, to Operator Consoles, to Relay and Power Distribution panels, to Process Control panels and Load Banks. Our custom control panels are manufactured to the exacting standards of the NEC and UL 508A. Successfully completing something unique for a satisfied customer brings a rewarding feeling that energizes us into our next project.

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Generator Docking Stations

MavTex offers a variety of convenient options and customized features including two-wire auto start, load dump receptacles, shore power receptacles, metering and strip heaters.. Built to the current NEC and UL standards and with the installing electrical contractor in mind, we manufacture a full line of products to safely connect a portable generator and/or load bank that help protect you and your business from an expensive and possibly dangerous power-loss.

400 Amp MTS Interior

Manual Transfer Switches

MavTex offers a broad variety of manual transfer switches for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. Whether you need a transfer switch (or kit) for selected circuits from your existing load center, a single circuit switch for your furnace, a main/sub panel, generator ready load center, or a switch to transfer a full load, we have what you need to safely transfer power from the utility to your generator and back again.

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Pipe Clamps

One of the most traditional clamping methods in use for years is the pipe clamp. Pipe clamps, while not the prettiest of clamps, offer nearly unlimited clamp length due to the ability to couple several lengths of pipe together as needed. MavTex can provide custom pipe clamps as well as traditional sizes to meet your specific needs.


Electrical Cable

MavTex offers numerous kinds of specialty electrical cables. These include general line wire and cable, tinned copper braid, speaker, portable cordage/lamp cord, and copper wire/bus bar. Please contact us for any custom requirements.

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Braided Ground Straps

MavTex has a wide range of braided ground straps that are made for fast and permanent connection. Our ground straps are also made up of fine stranded copper conductor for maximum conductivity and flexibility. Please contact us for information on sizing and custom work.